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Web Strategy

Web Strategy for Associations

Where to start when setting a web strategy

Wisely we all look externally for advice of all kinds; right now you are reading this page on setting web strategy. However whilst we can provide insight into the process of setting strategy, the drivers and objectives on which strategy is based must be set by you and are unique to your organisation. These objectives will (should!) be set down and agreed within a ‘business plan’ and or marketing communications plan.

Creating a Strategy and a plan of action

So, creating a genuine and meaningful web strategy can follow this process:

  1. Organisational objectives must be set and explicit – a base to build from and targets to achieve
  2. An agreed understanding of which objectives can realistically be achieved online – forming the targets for online marketing
  3. Knowledge of what steps are required to achieve this pool of objectives
  4. A document and actionable path created from where we are today to where we need to be to achieve these objectives

Setting Strategy

Based on the above there are these key inputs to the strategy setting process, these are:

  1. Targets – specific, challenging but achievable
  2. Benchmarks – based on analysis of today’s infrastructure, usage and outcomes
  3. Knowledge of how to move forward from the benchmarks to your goals and the enhancements required

Where does online strategy setting go wrong?

The online world is relatively new and constantly evolving , many are unsure how to approach it or how to keep up. This means that often strategies are not set at all, or if they are they are incomplete or flawed. Common issues include:

  1. Not knowing where to start – theoretical (but practical) models can help here as can taking external advice
  2. Not understanding what can realistically be achieved (both over stretching and being too conservative)
  3. Consigning to the ‘too hard basket’ and continuing to stumble along
  4. Lack of detailed knowledge that allows the plan to be drawn up (usually resulting in poor budgeting)

Models that can help define your Associations Web Strategy

Over the years of work in the web industry we have devised a number of models and processes that we follow to get best results. Some of these are used during consulting engagements, but others are available for educational purposes. Here are some resources that you might find useful:

  • If you are looking at a website improvement project and need to specify your requirements please feel free to download our 4 Pillars model
  • If you need a model for thinking theoretically and strategically please read our strategic paper for non-profits and associations
  • If you are putting together a wishlist of functionality then you can reference our top ‘10 features of an associations website’ guide (not just for associations!

How can we help with Web Strategy setting?

There are a few ways that we can help your organisation create a meaningful web strategy:
  1. We can be engaged to formulate the strategy from beginning to end and provide clearly documented action steps
  2. We can also help by educating staff and team members on how to go about strategy setting
  3. Alternatively we can help by facilitating ‘brain storming’ sessions to draw out your teams existing knowledge, provide ’sense checking’ and clearly document the outcomes.

Please give us a call on 1300 528 233 or leave us a message via our contact form for more information.

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